FireFox 0.9 Opening Twice in Outlook

I had an issue with FireFox opening twice anytime I clicked a link in Outlook (or any other office program for that matter). Turns out it was due on an incorrect registry setting when FireFox makes itself the default browser. The FireFox team has a registry fix for it.

Posted by Daniel Short on Jul 3, 2004 at 12:00 AM | Categories: Rambling -


Kim C.

Kim C. wrote on 07/03/04 6:35 PM

Dan-- Some good Firefox fixes are posted over at as well. Kim
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 07/03/04 6:36 PM

Thanks for the tip :).

Daniel wrote on 07/05/04 3:17 PM

Hi, I don't think it's a bug. I hate when the links form the OE open in the same window. Dan
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 07/05/04 3:17 PM

Hi Daniel, They weren't opening in the same window, they were opening 2 windows. So if I didn't have any copies of FireFox open, and I clicked a link in Outlook, I would get 2 FireFox windows with the same page open in them. I've never had Outlook reuse my FireFox windows thankfully :).