New Site Up and Running

Just launched a new client site based off of Cartweaver, Draw 3 Lines. The site sells a kit to learn to draw (something I could desperately use), and assorted supplies for such. The site is simple, being geared towards a younger audience, but it definitely sells the product well.

Posted by Daniel Short on Jul 8, 2004 at 12:00 AM | Categories: ColdFusion -


Jeff Wilkinson

Jeff Wilkinson wrote on 08/03/04 8:13 AM

nice job. clean, attractive, the content doesn't sound too much like an infomercial... I didn't see info about what ages it's appropriate for. I have kids and I'd be interested to know.
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 08/03/04 8:14 AM

And survey says: "The kit is appropriate for ages 10 to adult. A younger child could use the kit with supervision, but they would need to be quite motivated I believe. "Also, a child from age 6 to 9 could handle just doing the drawings without getting heavily (or at all) into the details of the instruction, once they understood the basic approach to creating their drawings."
Austin Website Design

Austin Website Design wrote on 08/04/04 10:35 PM

Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 08/04/04 10:35 PM

Thanks :)