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I finished recording Dynamic Development with Dreamweaver 8 today for (this time using ColdFusion). I'm not sure when it will be released, but the turnaround is usually just a couple of weeks. Hopefully this will be up right after the new year...

Posted by Daniel Short on Dec 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM | Categories: ColdFusion - Dreamweaver -


Daryl Johnson

Daryl Johnson wrote on 12/02/05 5:14 AM

Dan I just finished up your first ASP and Dreamwever CD. It was my first experience with ASP and Wow did you open up a can of worms. Could you offer some suggestions on where I should head next. You definitely lost me a few times with your knowledge of coding, so maybe something I should head in that direction? Thanks for any suggestions you have and I can't wait for the release. Thanks
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 12/02/05 5:14 AM

Glad to hear it stretched your boundaries a bit :), and sorry that I may have gone too quickly and lost you a few times. As for where to head now? If you're still wanting to use ASP, just keep banging away at it. You can find a ton of resources online for ASP. One I started with was 4 Guys From Rolla. I think they concentrate mostly on .NET anymore though... As for me, I enjoy using ColdFusion much more than ASP. It's simply easier to work with...
Bryan Ashcraft

Bryan Ashcraft wrote on 12/02/05 4:27 PM

Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 12/02/05 4:27 PM

Thanks :). My book should be shipping next week. I'm on a roll and stuff!

Biskit wrote on 12/06/05 6:38 PM

Great stuff, i'm really looking forward to seeing this, could you tell me what type of database you used in this training. Thanks..
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 12/06/05 6:38 PM

I used an Access 2000 database throughout the training, but I also cover installing MySQL and briefly show how to get around in it. Dan